Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Neither Here Nor There

We met DT the second day of this semester. A kind, intelligent African-American young man, he was a transfer student, coming to this university to finish his degree in Economics. Because of class and work schedules, he has not been able to be a part of any of the Bible studies that we offer on campus during the week, but he has stopped by the literature table and chatted with Jeff quite often.

Yesterday he had LF with him. She is a student from Cameroon, a French-speaking country in the western part of Africa. However, she has been here for some time with her family, so has lost some of her touch with the French (she most likely spoke a local dialect in Cameroon more often than she did French). And now she is struggling with English. It is very difficult for her to completely comprehend in either language.

As confused as she is in the communicative skills, she is just as confused in her religious beliefs. Most likely, animistic rituals and traditions peppered her upbringing, even though she has a raw instinct that God, the Creator God is the one to worship. She has visited the Hindu temple and made the comment that she could not worship that way. She said that they did not worship the true God and she knew that was not the answer.

So, as we get to know LF, help her with her English, encourage her as she studies here, we will present her to Jesus Christ. We know that He is the missing link in her quest. She just doesn't know it yet. It is a sad thing to meet someone who is "neither here or there", but this world is full of them. This campus is full of them: filling their minds and souls with music, study, drinking, sex, drugs, alternative religious beliefs, nature worshipping, and so on. They want peace and joy and unconditional love, but they haven't looked in the right place yet. Nothing, absolutely nothing else, will completely satisfy until they find Jesus.

As the book of Hebrews connotes over and over: Jesus Christ is better than the rest!!