Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Seeking Heart

There's a girl who sought me out a few weeks ago. I've known her for several years. She is now going to college on the same campus where we are ministering. She told me of her struggles to really need to know if God was real in her life. She had been taught that, told that all her life, but now some disillusion has set in and she wonders........

Thankfully God directed me to just the right lady to disciple her. It's amazing how God orchestrates everything (when we get out of the way!) This lady had been prepared by God already when I called her and asked her to do this. It will start next week. I met with this college student today briefly to check up on her and see how she is doing. She is always full of questions -- and most of them are deep and profound and are born out of a heart that is truly seeking to know the truth. I told her today that this is a crucial period in her life and that I was glad that she was asking the hard questions. Trying to find answers.

Father, help me always to have time for the "seeking heart".