Monday, January 16, 2006

Leaders in Training

Monday was a long, intense day, but it was also rewarding. We had planning meetings with leadership with both our ministries today.

Jeff and I have had hearts completely sold out to missions ever since we were young adults. Passionate for missions has always been how we have lived, what has compelled us, what has consumed us to live out our faith. There have been times of frustrations when working with groups of American young adults that just do not "get" it. I have often been fascinated with terminology and the term, "Get it" is one of them. What exactly is it that we want these young, future leaders to get? For me, it's a desire to see them own their calling in Christ, not to ride on the shirttail of someone else's. To completely commit to commitment. To see the world through God's eyes and the pulsing of His heartbeat. To deny themselves, even in a world that screams that is not a cool thing to do!

Over and over, we have prayed and pondered how to best help these that God has entrusted to us to see their exciting part in modern-day missiology. It is a given that most theological seminaries teach 20 points and a poem on incorporating a passion for missions and understanding the worldview and grant it, all of that is important to hear and study. However, in twenty-plus years of ministry, what we have come to conclude is that to train leaders we must continue being leaders in a biblical and practical sense. Living out our passions for God's divine call to spreading His gospel around the world and particularly around our world. We must continue to live that passion, live out our calling, be real in the sight of those who are walking behind us, and always point them to the inexhaustible power of God! Most of us need someone to show us the how-to. Learning by example is one principle that the Apostle Paul spoke of over and over. If we aren't the example, who will be? Today's society with its socialistic, materialistic, nihilistic philosophies? A sobering thought............

Writing those above thoughts has given me a new sense of being accountable to God through living out my calling in front of others. It's the least I can do for the Savior of my heart and soul and for the precious ones who desire to live out their calling, too.