Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christmas As It Should Be

Today I wrote a "prayer letter" (which is like an update on what's going on in our ministry so that those who care about us and our ministry can pray more effectively) about some of the needs we constantly are trying to meet. One was Bibles. All sizes, all shapes, all colors. Hardback, softback, leatherback.

After sending out that needs list, I immediately received two emails from friends wanting to purchase some items from us. Awesome! Later in the day, someone very close to us, came by the house with three beautiful leather Bibles. Now, these three Bibles are the kind that you would not put out on your literature table for just anyone to pick up. A little voice in my ear (or my heart?) told me that these are for three students that will perhaps come to accept Christ as Savior by the end of this year. Wow! That would be awesome!

As it stands right now, the number of unsaved students that we have frequent contact with is seven. One of these we have known for almost three years, but because of his religious persuasion, it will be a huge step for him to take, one that will take him (at least temporarily) away from his family. One of the girls that is heavy on my heart will definitely receive one of these Bibles for Christmas. God has already told me to write a letter from my heart about my belief in God and expound on His power and goodness. I will insert the letter into the Bible, wrap it up in beautiful paper, and give it to her on the last day of classes. The last time I saw this girl, she had attended a Singles Sunday night service at our church and she left under heavy conviction. That was at the end of September. Since then she has dodged my calls and emails.

As I held the three Bibles tonight, it gave me such joy to realize that they represent the souls of three students whom God loves and desires to bring to Himself. I can't imagine that I could receive any gift that would mean as much as those three Bibles from this young man whom I know has a heart for God, also. Gifts that I can give away in complete faith that the hearts of three college students will turn towards their Creator very soon!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.......the way it was meant to be!