Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sacrifice of Praise: Ryan and Dad

"His time may be short, but Ryan said he still has much to do. Propelled by his battery-powered wheelchair and an inner drive to help, he makes use of his handicap and faceoff with death to inspire and counsel."
(The Wenatchee World)

Another incredible story of a father's love that literally would STOP AT NOTHING. 

Ryan Sutherland was born with Muscular Dystrophy that has a life expectancy of maybe 25 years. He is now 21, just recently graduated from Whitworth University and looking forward to becoming a Christian counselor or being a chaplain. He knows God has a plan for His life and is determined to live out that plan until God says it is finished. 

None of this would likely have been possible without his family's commitment and sacrifice. Particularly that of his father. This is simply an amazing example of how anything can be accomplished, any obstacle overcome when family commits to each other. 

“It’s been a family event. We’re all connected,” said Steve. “We moved beyond thinking when our life would begin to be normal. We’ve had to reset normal.”

Ryan's story told in detail

A photo gallery of Ryan and his father at Whitworth University.