Monday, June 11, 2012

The Sacrifice of Praise: Patrick & Dad

"Patrick Hughes plays so that we might hear the music of opportunity and the sound of potential." 

In light of Father's Day ahead of us, I thought this would be a good week to do some profiles on amazing fathers. How important a father's love and encouragement and guidance can be in the life of a child.

As a counselor and missionary who has worked all over the world, I am well aware that not everyone has had positive, inspiring experiences with their fathers. My heart goes out to each one. It is not the way it should be. God meant so much better for all of you, but it still stands that people (even parents) make poor decisions that often affect us for our entire lives. Sin entered the world with Adam & Eve. Children have paid the price ever since in so many cases.

Thankfully, Patrick Hughes has a father who was there when it counted. Instead of Patrick growing up as an insignificant, struggling young fellow with physical challenges, his father's sacrifices and tenacious spirit to see his son have the best there was played out quite marvelously!

Growing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially adept children does take sacrifice. But the end results are well worth it.

See for yourself...

Patrick's story is available in book form HERE.

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