Monday, July 11, 2011

Coffee Lovers: Tell Me Your Favorite

Sitting in a Tim Horton's coffeehouse in Columbus, Ohio, heading to Cleveland for a conference this week. Strong storms have caused me to pause and let the weather clear ahead of me.

I haven't had Tim Horton's coffee in probably five years. But since there is one on almost every corner in the northeastern states, you can't just drive past all of them. So, I stopped. And then I remembered why I always bought a bag of coffee back to North Carolina when I returned home. It is good stuff. Brew is strong with a robust woodsy taste that kicks me in gear!

But I also like Starbucks, Caribou, and a Charlotte local coffeehouse, Jackson's Java. Not real crazy about Dunkin Donuts or MacDonald Coffee. Why? I don't think they are strong enough for me. The older I get. The stronger I need the brew to be. Not just for the caffeine either. In the past five years, I only drink a HALF-CAFF brew. Why? So I can drink MORE coffee without putting my heart into cardiac arrest with all the caffeine.

So, I wonder? What is your favorite? Where is it? Why?
Talk to me!