Friday, August 18, 2006

And We're Off

So much for the crazy, abnormal summer schedule that had no semblance of rhyme or reason. Not to say that God didn't work or that things were not accomplished. Yes, that happened, but not the way I planned it.

But I think I'm learning that being surrendered, sold out to God means that my schedule, my plans do not mean anything. My plans can be changed at any time. The day can go completely haywire. My schedule can max itself out and I can still find strength to do what's needed. And then there's time when God knows that I must recharge....and I find myself in a quiet place with absolutely no schedule - for a while.

I so want to learn to be content no matter what God is asking me to do....and to completely rest in knowing that He knows me, my frame, and how much I can handle.

CBF starts back with vigor in just four days. We had a three-hour meeting with some of our student officers last night. It was an exciting time to plan, pray, talk through some ideas, and such.

We're off and we have no idea what is in store for us this year. But God does!!