Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Yes, you heard me. Sigh....thanks to the one brave soul who told me what he/she thought about the bumper sticker I saw last week. I would like to think that perhaps my readership is just cyber-shy or something like that!

Here is my opinion: "God is bigger than one religion" is neither true nor false. God is simply not interested in religion at all. Read His Word and you will see for yourself. Never is a particular religion advertised or spoke of, other than the establishment of the nation of Israel. Judaism was established as a religion because of the establishment of the nation of Israel, but it is more a political position than a religion, even though it is recognized as such by most everyone. Never is the credibility of who God is, who His Son is, and who the Holy Spirit explained by a religion. The Bible alone credibly addresses those foundational doctrines. Religions are man-made organisms put in place by those whose have the need for something more than what the Bible teaches. Religions sometime incorporate parts of God's Word (the Holy Bible) into their sanctuaries of worship, but rest assured, religions always interpret, add, and take away the things that are hard to understand, hard to accept, or hard to sell.

God simply desires for every man to have a personal relationship with Him. Grant it, some religions might make that possible in a strange kind of way, but very rarely are we able to stay with what the Word of God says without our religion twisting and contorting what the Bible truly says.

Jeff is meeting with a student tonight who is as passionate about God and doing His work as any I have ever seen. Tomorrow I will touch base with one of our officers in a spontaneous sort of meeting (there's a lot of those in this world of collegiate ministry!). Tomorrow night will be our 6th summer Bible study at our house. We continue talking about some of the major issues brought out by the DaVinci Code: namely, is Jesus really the Son of God? It should be very interesting!

We are praying that our Indian friend and our friend from California will be back to here this subject. What we do with Jesus Christ is foundational to the Christian faith!