Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Pray For Those Students Who Are Not Celebrating Christmas

Tonight, or should I say, early this morning, we just arrived back from a couple day's celebration at my parents' house. We traditionally come back late on Christmas Eve so that our own little family (now adding up to 6) can enjoy our newly-forming tradition of Christmas morning breakfast, cooked by my husband and my son-in-law. Then later that day, we enjoy a time of celebration with my husband's family locally here.

However, before I attempt to get a very few hours of "shut eye", my heart is pulled towards those students that I know are not celebrating Christmas for its real meaning. Perhaps my Canadian friend is out getting drunk or high, partying hard, thinking that she is really enjoying the holiday spirit. I can't help but pray that when the booze wears off and the drugs leave her bloodstream, that she will be unpleasantly hit with that familiar, but uncomfortble emptiness deep in her soul. I pray that 2006 will be the year she gives her heart to Christ.

There are others and they march across my mind's eye, not as sugar plums and candy canes, but as precious souls for whom Christ died. Will you join me in praying for those whom you know are NOT celebrating Christmas for the gift so freely given by our Lord and Savior; the babe who was born in a straw-laden manger but later died on a blood-drenched wooden cross.

He is worthy to be honored and worshiped this Christmas season!