Monday, November 21, 2005

I Am Thankful For....

....the sixteen ladies from my church that prepared such outstanding dishes for our campus Thanksgiving feast this past week!

....the eighteen students that enjoyed this feast, hung out together, played games, laughed hysterically, and embraced those new ones that came and are in great need of Christian fellowship!

....the strength and wisdom that God gives each day to do this ministry!

....the prayers that are sent to our Father each day for us and the students that we touch each week!

....the people that call me and ask what they can do for the ministry (food, supplies, etc...) or when I let someone know of a need, they are thrilled to meet it! and friends who enrich our lives! Savior who is making me more like Himself each day! (and that's not an easy task, but that's just how much He loves me!)