Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Out of the Blue

Sometimes it seems that we are spinning our wheels. The students come, then they go, some are sporadic about their attendance at the Bible studies, and some never show up at all. Some are very faithful and have made the Bible studies priorities in their busy schedules, but that is not the norm.

Yesterday Jeff sat at a literature table in front of the bookstore for three and a half hours. He had nineteen contacts with students. It was one of those days when everyone just seemed opened and interested in what he had to offer. One girl (a senior) got all excited about my Girl Talk (an all-girls' Bible studies offered on Wednesday) and she showed up today and really enjoyed it!

Later today, while checking email, we received correspondence with a student that we have never met. She told us that she didn't know how we had her on our email list, but she was glad because she had just given her heart over to Christ today and wanted to come to our Bible study on Thursday night. She wondered if the supper (I always let them know there's a light supper provided at Thursday night study) was free or if she needed to pay. We are looking forward to meeting this new sister in Christ tomorrow night!

So, there are weeks when we wonder if many of the students really know we are there for them. Then, we have a week like this one where, "out of the blue", they come from all over and they tell us they are glad we are here! Yeah, it's good stuff!!